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» Saturday, April 03, 2010
Busy Saturday
It was a fun day (well, except for the phone call parts), but boy, was it high traffic all day.

We were up before nine to go to Hair Day. We made the Asian Ginger Fruit Salad last night, and also bought some baklava from BJs when we shopped yesterday (the latter was quite good, sweet, but not overly sugary). Shannon made teriyaki chicken and broccoli beef, and Alex made fried rice and potstickers, plus there was Lin's Asian salad and lots of other goodies. I had a little of everything. The fruit salad came out quite well. The ginger gave it a kick. Plus I had three inches trimmed off my mop and Sheri cleared up a bunch of split ends.

We left before two to go to the hobby shop. Stopped by the house to treat Willow with a potsticker that had fallen on the floor and bring the remainders of the fruit salad home.

When we left the Butlers' house, I called Ed Voyles to see how the car was doing, and was told they would call me back "in a few minutes." Well, after more than an hour I called them back. Twice. I don't stay on hold longer than ten minutes; sorry.

Finally, at 3:15, I talked to my "consultant" and found out the car wasn't going to be ready, but my service plan gave me a free rental car. But we had to get to Enterprise Rent-a-Car before 4 p.m. when they closed. And, pray tell, when were you going to call me with this information?

Anyway, we got to Enterprise. Because I was a Chrysler customer and on a Chrysler service agreement, I had to rent a Chrysler Corporation car. The only Chrysler car left on the lot was a silver Jeep Cherokee. Wow. I mean, it drives nice and has lots of cool perks including built-in satellite radio (it rather feels like you're driving your sofa), but it's huge. I don't dare try to get it into the garage; I might clip one of the mirrors.

At five-thirty we went out to Hiram to join friends to celebrate Ken Spivey's birthday at Folks. Used the GPS on the Droid to get there. Makes me laugh the way the mechanical voice pronounces "Smyrna": "Smeye-er-na." Pork chops, baked potato and fruit cup. Yum. Brought one chop home. We had a leisurely dinner, Ken opened gifts, and we shot the breeze. When we emerged from the restaurant, the heat of the day had burned off and we had a pleasant ride home with the windows down. Stopped at Brusters for dessert.

By the time we got home it was after nine. James walked Willow and we settled down to read tomorrow's paper, which we'd picked up at the QT on the way home with the rental, and watched The Ten Commandments starting when Moses was brought back as a prisoner after killing the man abusing the slave.

When midnight comes I will put out the Easter banner. While the porch is decorated for Easter, I left the spring banner up. I don't feel comfortable putting the banner up early, since I managed to find one with a Christian theme (a cross with lilies on it). He hasn't risen yet; it's just not right.

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