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» Friday, March 26, 2010
Working' and Hopin'
Did get things done this week, but the more I do, the more I get. Do six orders, get five orders. Everything's crazy this year...more recovery act money. However, the majority of my orders continue to be maintenance orders.

Ever since it got warmer, I have been having a dreadful time sleeping. The pollen is making my joints ache, and several nights this week it was so warm at bedtime it was hard to fall asleep. When it's cold and my arms get warm, I can just shift them under the covers to a cooler spot. With the weather warmer at night I have to stick my arm out from under the covers so the breeze from the fan can hit them.

So today was a treat, as it was overcast and cool, and by the time James got home tonight, I had to wear my heavy jacket and ear protection. I'm breathing in the nice cool air while I can! :-) We ate supper at home tonight, and then went to MicroCenter. I bought a PC cable and mini-jack audio cable to try something.

It took some fiddling, but I got the laptop connected to the television. I didn't exactly get it to work the way I wanted it to—what I wanted was to transfer the display from the laptop screen to the television, but all I could manage was to set it up so that the television became a second screen—but I could accomplish what I wanted: Netflix has this thing called "Instant Play." Certain things you can play right to your computer. I wanted to play them on the television instead. With the cables, I can do this. The quality is not the best, but it's still a pretty neat thing.

While I was working through my purchase order pile today, I was making good use of my Droid. I played some music via Pandora and listened to three podcasts: a fall edition of the WHOcast (after the broadcast of "Waters of Mars"), one of "Jud's New England Journal" entries about Lexington and Concord, and the latest "Inside the Magic," a podcast about the Disney parks. (Thanks for the tip, Biz.) Yesterday I listened to "A Way With Words." I'm going to be very sad when I've caught up on those. Just finished a "This Week in Tech (TWiT)" podcast from last November with Jerry Pournelle as a guest.

Did I mention that I bought my first app recently? I got the full version of MyPod, which will enable me to have more than six podcast feeds. I've played with it long enough to sorta get the hang of it.

Time for "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"...

And I even made some calls on it, too! LOL.

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