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» Tuesday, March 23, 2010
What Day is It Anyway?
I keep waking up in the wee hours on Tuesday morning thinking to myself, "What day is it? Is it Wednesday? Please tell me it's Wednesday." If it's Wednesday I get to sleep until seven; otherwise I must stagger up in the dark and blindly bumble to the bathroom where James has the light on "afterburner" (when I used to get up first I would wash and dress by the light of the nightlight). Anything but 180 watts at six a.m.!

But on Tuesdays I remember, crestfallen, that I watched House or Castle the previous night. Time for the longest day of the week. Tuesdays are always longer than Mondays.

The sun was still rising when I arrived at work. The office park is next to a wetlands and emerging from the car, you are bombarded by birdsong, at least a half-dozen individual songs. "Mine, mine, mine!" they cry as they claim territory.

It was a sunny ride home, though, and mostly harmless, except for an aggravating clot around Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, and then at GA400, and then at Roswell Road, and finally before my exit. I eventually opened the sunroof because it was so warm (mid-60s). Ten degrees higher tomorrow. Urgh.

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