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» Saturday, March 27, 2010
Tech Talk and Trevails
Surprise! When I emerged from the bedroom this morning there was a package from Amazon on the back of the sofa. It was one of the two books I ordered from Amazon Vine on Thursday. They must have stuck it in a box the moment I ordered it! (It's Winging It, about a family and their neurotic parrot.)

I helped James clean the kitchen this morning and we tidied up the counters a bit, and I also cleaned the bathrooms while he was loading the dishwasher and cleaning the stove. Finally he went off to his IPMS meeting.

Now, I had several ideas of what to do this afternoon. I thought about updating some of my web pages. I also wanted to put the living room decorations back up after clearing the winter things out of the area, and put up the Easter decorations.

First I had to get rid of the headache. It's from the arthritis in my neck.

So I kick the headache, then decide to see if I can figure out why my laptop can get on the internet via the network, but can't see any of the other computers on the network. I haven't been able to access any of the network computers for a while. I thought it was back during vacation, but it turns out I was able to edit a file on my desktop via my laptop as late as January (the list of my cross-stitch magazines). Then it quit connecting. Don't know why.

I thought if I compared the network setup on the "Mouse," my netbook, to the setup on the laptop, I might figure out what was wrong, since the netbook sees the other computers. So does James' little EEEPC. No dice. The Mouse gets on our network automatically; the laptop won't do that—it has to have a static IP address to work. I messed around so much with the laptop that when James came home from his meeting he had to make me another network key so I could at least log back onto the the internet. Still can't see the other computers. Can see the router, but not the computers on it.

In the meantime, I was trying to download the new version of AVG on the Mouse. It locked up in the middle of the download, and locked up Firefox completely as well, to the point where I couldn't go into Firefox without it locking up. I finally had to uninstall and reinstall it. Gah.

Finally I abandoned both of them, cleaned off the divider and the hearth, and put up all the nice autumny things back up to battle against approaching summer. Put some dividers I bought at the Container Store down on the bottom shelf of James' side table so he could place books and magazines vertically in the space rather than horizontally and use the space more efficiently.

After James arrived home we went to Fresh2Order for supper. Mmmn, that was good. I got the bourbon beef in a panini sandwich. I forgot their panini sandwiches were so large and ordered soup on the side. So now I have the soup for supper tomorrow night. Along with some nice crusty French bread on what is supposed to be a rainy evening, it will be so nice!

From there we drove back to the Brookwood area (what we call "the Triangle" because it used to be home of the Kmart, the Walmart, and Target; Kmart is gone, but we still call it that) to go to Borders. James wanted to get the Indiana Jones Lego set. I found The Greatest Game Ever Played book for $4 (the story of Francis Ouimet, a shopkeeper's son who became a champion golf player back when golf was a game for the wealthy—Ouimet use to write golf articles for St. Nicholas in the 1920s), and bought Good Book (another Easter read). I discovered the April edition of "Early American Life" in the magazine racks and realized I'd missed the February issue. Damn. And they did an article about colonial reading, too. (I really should subscribe. And to Yankee, too. I buy it every month and it's silly to waste the money.)

We listened to the podcast of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on the way home, and then listened to a December edition of "This Week in Tech." Wow. Apparently Farmville has more players than Twitter has members. That's absolutely mindbending.

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