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» Sunday, March 07, 2010
Springing Through the Weekend
It was a nice sunny weekend full of nice ordinary things, including sleeping late.

When I refilled the bird feeders Saturday morning the larger feeder had sprouts growing in it. I figured it was time to get a second of the little squirrel-proof feeders, so we started our afternoon by going to Wild Birds Unlimited—only to find out they were out of them. Ah, well. I asked for a call when they come in. A woman there had beautiful photos of cedar waxwings in her yard.

Then to the hobby shop, where I read Bread and Circuses (Phryne Fisher mystery) as the guys talked, and finally back home until it was time to leave for trivia.

Stopped at Fry's on the way there; just walked around and I picked up a couple of magazines. We hadn't eaten since one o'clock and were starving. Good thing for the trail mix I've stocked under the seat of the truck. This is Planter's "energy mix," all nuts and edamame (sp?) covered in chocolate.

Mulligan's Grill has good food, but our hunger put the sauce on it. It was a fun game, and we won, and then arrived home for a nice evening on chat.

Today was sunnier, warmer—ah, it's back to worrying about getting the milk home fast—busier, with a treat: James made biscuits. He said it was so dry that it was hard to mix them. We did grocery shopping at BJs, Publix, and Kroger, then I put the Valentines Day decorations away and have all the winter decorations down, if not put away, and have the spring decorations up. Very depressing storing away the sparkly winter things. Spring...when a Southerner's thoughts turn to air conditioning, fans, pest control, Sevin dust, Roundup, and surgical masks to keep the pine pollen out of your mouth. LOL.

And finally I pulled out TurboTax and did the taxes. This year TurboTax needs you to download Microslop .NET to work—we've been using TT for at least a decade and the fool thing has never needed .NET. The taxes only took an hour to do, but it took nearly a half hour to download stupid .NET so TurboTax would work. Huh! Next year maybe I will try TaxCut, or whatever they're calling themselves now. I hope it uninstalls stupid .NET when I uninstall TurboTax.

They asked me to review the software when I was done with the process. Guess what I mentioned.

As last year, we are getting a refund from the feds, but owe the state a minor amount. Not sure why; since we've owned a home we've always gotten a state refund, until last year. Odd.

Pork chops and the final two parts of The Tudors (series three), followed by the most recent Sinbad special.

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