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» Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Rainy Days and Wednesdays Always Get Me Down
After two pretty springlike days, we are having a kiss with winter again, the kind of winter weather I loathe: cold rain! It was dank, damp and dreary all day as I attempted to resolve problems and actually sit down and do something. Unfortunately I discovered that one modification I thought I could do was incorrect and couldn't be fixed at my end. On the other hand, something we ordered and thought we might have to find another vendor for due to payment problems was resolved. I'm glad that worked out.

I've been wrestling against this backlog at work since Monday. Tuesday it was like a dam broke: all the pieces in about eight orders suddenly fell into place plus I was able to finish the order with 190 line items. Now I just have to find a minute to sit down and do the eight orders amid ever-burgeoning e-mails about this, that—oh, and the other, since they're a set.

Also did those wonderfully mundane things like wash two loads of clothes, and during lunch I fixed the little holder I have for the rabbit ears. This is one of those plastic bookholders/laptop holders/lap desk sort of things that unfolds and adjusts to different heights. I had it fastened with tape initially, intending to properly secure it when I had time, with the result that when the headcold came along and that plan went by the wayside, it fell down, cracking one of the antenna aerials. I fixed the aerial with floral wire and duct tape, then decided what position the shelf would go in. I pierced both parts on each side that needed to be fastened together, then fastened them permanently with floral wire (that stuff is really useful!). So the rabbit ears are back where they belong and working fairly well.

We are a bit worried about Willow and wondering if we are going to have to call the vet. She has been hobbling around all day with her right hind leg splayed out a bit. Both James and I have felt the leg and there is no swelling or heat associated with it. She was trotting around okay yesterday, so it's possible that during one of her headlong dashes down the stairs she twisted the leg. She'll be twelve next week and already has a bit of arthritis. It doesn't seem to have affected her appetite, but I suspected she wasn't feeling well this afternoon when she didn't want to chase the squirrel off the deck.

Last night and tonight she has also coughed a few times. She sounds as if she has a hairball.

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