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» Friday, March 12, 2010
Pod Person
Whew! We've just had a thunderstorm blow through: evening dark, water lashing against the windows, the metal tops of the vents on the roof clanking up and down, rumblings accompanied by Willow crawling under the desk to be close to me. Now the sun is out and the birds are singing.

While I've been working and weathering the blow I've been listening to a podcast. I think I'm the last person who's computer literate to get into podcasting. I have three podcast feeds downloaded on my phone, TWiT (This Week in Tech) with Leo Laporte; DWO Whocast (Doctor Who, of course), and the public radio show A Way With Words. I was listening to TWiT initally, playing the oldest ones from last fall, when they are talking about the Droid premiere coming up on November 6 (2009). Which of course I'm listening to on a Droid. LOL. Just finishing a Whocast talking about "The Waters of Mars" (again, from last fall).

I can access the ARTC podcasts as well, but haven't yet. Anyone know any other good podcasts? I supposed folks know what I like: mystery books, dogs, cross-stitch, House, Castle, Jeopardy, WWII homefront history...

(BTW, quick and dirty holder for your Droid: I'm using my clear lucite business card holder. Won't hold it horizontally to use in dock mode because the charger port is in the way, but it will hold it up to listen to, or just charge, etc.)