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» Sunday, March 21, 2010
Opposites Attract?
Saturday was sunny and in the low 70s, today was cloudy with periods of rain and in the high 50s. I much preferred today, although the breeze made yesterday bearable. The big problem was that I awoke with a sinus headache on Saturday and the sunlight was hard to take. Otherwise we had a nice day. Went to the hobby shop and out to Trader Joe's. That's always a fun trip. We also went to Microcenter again to return something James bought Friday night for the server. It now has USB, is networked, and James got on chat with it last night.

Today we did the grocery shopping: BJs to Publix to Kroger and home, then I finally got to work updating the copyright dates on my web pages. I've been really lazy about doing it; I usually work on it New Year's Day. But I wanted to fix the formatting on the pages as well—that works a little slower. Once I do all the copyright dates I really need to work on updating the pages. I miss working on my web pages. It seems like I never have time for anything anymore.

Around dinner time we had one clap of thunder and Georgia Monsoon Season, and then it was over. James made Salisbury steaks of ground turkey, which we had with Rice'a'Roni. Later on we watched two episodes of Life on the Discovery Channel. I don't think there are superlatives enough to describe the photography. I'm someone who remembers the grainy film photography used for Wild Kingdom in the 1960s! But I'm perverse enough to be nostalgic for Marlin Perkins, too! :-)

An unwelcome discovery at the bird feeder: the cowbirds are back. The male was eating out there today. They've lazed the winter away somewhere and now are back to lay their eggs in someone else's nest and have another bird raise their child.

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