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» Sunday, March 28, 2010
Life and Life
A rainy, fifties day was predicted today. Imagine our surprise when we got only fitful spatters, a threatening sky only once, and one rush of rain which beat on the chimney top for fifteen minutes, then vanished.

We were at Publix early enough that we just strolled through the aisles and picked up what we needed. Since we only needed one gallon of milk, we just bought it there and didn't go to Kroger. After putting the groceries away, we went to Ikea.

The place was packed. There wasn't any type of sale, so I can only figure that everyone thought it was going to be a rotten day weatherwise and decided to check out Ikea. Both lines were open at the restaurant. The meal was less pleasing. Their smallest Swedish meatball plate is now fifteen meatballs. I can't eat more than ten and ended up wasting four of them (and I gave two to James!). They don't have chicken marsala anymore, but breaded and fried chicken "tenders." Ugh. I would have had the salmon but I didn't feel like burping fish all afternoon.

Ikea is undergoing major remodeling, and there were a lot of empty spaces. We bought a metal shelf to go over the baker's rack. The idea is to put the stock pot up there and also the turkey roaster, leaving room on the rack itself for other things. I also got another set of nesting wicker baskets. They have quit making the very small one and instead have a larger one in the quartet. Those tiny baskets have been useful, so I'm reluctant to see them go. They also don't seem to have the single piece wooden shelves like we have in our bedroom and in the laundry room. I wanted a couple more.

So we had a nice workout strolling the place, then came home via a new restaurant for James to pick up some dinner. I still had my creamy chicken vegetable from Fresh2Order, which I had with French bread. First we watched the latest edition of Stossel and read the paper.

Annoyingly, my desktop computer is still locking up. This started the night of the switch to DST, when I downloaded the new version of Java so I could consult If the computer sits doing nothing for any amount of time it quits responding to the mouse and the keyboard. I can't even use CTRL/ALT/DELETE; I have to just shut it off. It's also locked up as I was switching messages in Eudora, in Firefox, and at the welcome screen. I uninstalled the Java update, and when that didn't work, I did a System Restore to the point before I installed it. It was fine all day yesterday, but turning it on this morning it locked up at the welcome screen again, and later after I left it with Firefox open. Bother.

Our post-prandial amusement was a new American's Funniest Home Videos and the next two episodes of Life, "Mammals" and "Fish." I especially enjoyed the sequence with the elephant herd: a newborn elephant calf was stuck in a mudhole and his mother was ineffectual in helping extricate it. Finally the grandmother elephant strode over, pushed the mother out of the way and was prepared to help the baby, but it finally struggled out on its own. They also showed "sea dragons" in the "Fish" segment; we saw some of them at the Georgia Aquarium last year.

I wish Oprah had script approval, though. I got really tired of her repeating how faithful mammal mothers were. They love their babies; we get it. Enough already.

OMG! 79°F on Friday? That's air conditioner weather. Heck, the heat was on yesterday it was so damp.

Of course we'll have to turn the A/C on soon enough, as the pine pollen dust will be starting soon.

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