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» Thursday, April 01, 2010
"It's Spring, Sir!"
Which, of course, is the answer to "Klinger, what are you doing in that hat?" :-)

The hounds of spring have evidently abandoned winter's traces, because it's warm. Yesterday it only hovered around 70, today it is sitting on 79°F. Ugh. Gone from sweatshirt, sweatpants and socks to tank top, shorts, and flip-flops on bare feet in less than 72 hours. It's a good thing I put the Easter decorations out yesterday at noon when it was still cool, because when I took Willow out at five today, it was a simmering oven of brickwork.

Yesterday I rather dragged through the day, having woken with an imminent migraine. I burned a spearmint candle, refilled the bird feeders (a hungry sparrow zoomed past me, so close I felt the breeze from his wings), finished the towels and did a load of clothes, but otherwise tap-tap-tapped at my work. It went from chilly in the morning to rather pleasant in the afternoon. James had a late call, so we ate very late for these days.

Incidentally, the male goldfinch came to the feeder today: look how his summer coat is coming in!

In a few weeks he'll look like a canary with black wings.

Today things moved better. I got through a couple of orders, received quotes, made phone calls, scanned a blueprint off to someone, and listened to an Aaron Copland CD, then to podcasts. I went surfing for podcasts last night and found several pet broadcasts, a Harry Potter podcast, and some history-oriented ones—listened to the latest "Inside the Magic" (Disney parks), an edition of Dan Carlin's "Hardcase History" where he talks to James Burke, and PetLifeRadio's "Wings'n'Things" (a birds podcast, of course).

I think James likes the non-stick wok he bought at Ikea Sunday. He's used it twice this week already. :-) We had beef and mushroom stir-fry with rice.

We've been watching Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares all evening. What fun. It's 78 in here. wish it was cooler.

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