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» Sunday, March 14, 2010
If You Don't Like the Weather, Wait a Minute...and Other Weekend Tales
I was relieved when I got done with work on Friday. I did get several orders done this week, got another order straightened out—but yet another order is setting up to be a problem, and an order I thought was completed may be a problem as well. The latter is bothering me because I thought the communication had gone well. I don't relish having to face it again on Monday.

James got home late because he brought home a server from a co-worker whose sister's company was discarding them. We're recycling it to use for backup files.

We used the last coupon we got from last year to have dinner at My Cousin Vinny's. This used to be a nice restaurant on US41, but the place changed hands—I think the family sold the name—and now it's in a storefront near Town Center Mall. The food is good, but not great like it used to be, although the young servers are pretty efficient. We had bruscetta for an appetizer and I got five nasty oil spots on my shirt. Dabbed them with water, hoping for the best. Unfortunately my shrimp over linguine in marinara sauce was peppered. Not highly, but I hate pepper period and had to soldier through it despite the taste being good under the pepper sting.

After dinner we went to the mall since I had a Yankee Candle coupon. I finally found more cafè au lait tea lights and got some hazelnut coffee tea lights as well, and also some car fresheners. We walked down the mall and then back for some exercise, dipping into Brookstone to look at the cool gadgets. I was surprised to see Waldenbooks still open because I'd been told by someone that they were closing. Maybe it's just in their area.

When I got home I scrubbed the shirt front with soap and water, but the spots remained. So I surfed a bit and saw recommended treating the shirt with Dawn, since cutting oil is one of the things it's supposed to do. So I saturated the spots with Dawn and let it dry. They seemed to be gone.

We woke up Saturday to partly cloudy skies, but by the time we went out, it was cloudy. By the time we got through the day, we'd had those two kinds of weather, then heavy low clouds, then hail (with and without rain), and then partly cloudy skies with rain spritzing. I was waiting for it to snow to complete the cycle! Most of the day it was overcast and nicely chilly.

We went to pick up the new squirrel-proof bird feeder, hit the Publix next door for twofers, then went to the hobby shop. That's where it started to hail, little tiny pellets of white (smaller than LeSueur peas) for a good two or three minutes. The sky was an angry steel grey at one side, only light clouds opposite. It was bizarre.

From the hobby shop we went to JoAnn, where they were holding a "coupon commotion." I bought a cross-stitch pattern book, a bread cloth, patches in four different colors, and the new Country Sampler Tour of Homes edition. I love this issue because CS is devoting more of their space to prims these days and I love the layouts they show. The issue covers a year, so there are even fall- and Christmas-decorated homes at the back of the magazine.

Stopped at Borders, where I picked about a neat-looking book about life in Alaska.

On the way home we stopped by Dragon¨ to pick up Chinese for supper. Naturally, Willow was very attentive when we got home!

Later on James downstairs to set up the server and test it. I sat happily listening to A Way With Words and talking with folks on chat. I mentioned that the TWiT podcast we were listening to earlier was awash in nostalgia: Leo LaPorte and the others were talking about Prodigy, Delphi, GEnie, Archie, Gopher, we started wandering down Memory Lane on chat, too, about the early Remember WENN websites, fans, actor stories, etc. Sadly, most of them disappeared when AOL Hometown and GeoCities shut down.

Daylight Savings Time got us on the road late this morning. I wanted to stop at Borders first to pick up the new Dan Simmons book, Drood, so we did that, then went to BJs for a couple of things, and finally finished up at Kroger. We found a nice piece of beef for pot roast which James will make in the crock pot tomorrow for dinner. The air had a bit of a nip in it, so we didn't have to rush home with the milk.

Spent the later afternoon reading the paper and dubbing off Best Defense episodes from the DVR, which is becoming cluttered. (Part of this was my fault; I discovered Hallmark Movie Channel was showing the McBride movies in HiDef, so I'm re-recording them. I wish they'd do more now that Boston Legal is over, but the cast probably now has other plans; I really enjoyed them. Real throwbacks to the old "NBC Mystery Movies.")

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