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» Thursday, March 18, 2010
Gone West
Fess Parker, TV's Davy Crockett, Dies at 85

Fess Parker, Star Of Davy Crockett And Daniel Boone, Dies at 85

I was born just before the Christmas of the Davy Crockett coonskin cap rage, so I remember Davy only from reruns on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. I remember him more from his brief role as Jim Coates in Old Yeller and as Daniel Boone in the NBC series. My mom and dad watched every episode of Daniel Boone, and I often watched the series in the summer when I was allowed to stay up later (and as I got older—Boone was on at 7:30, which, when it first premiered in 1964, was my bedtime) I vividly remember the original cast: Ed Ames as Mingo (probably my favorite character), Patricia Blair as Rebecca Boone, Veronica Cartwright as Jemima Boone, Darby Hinton as Israel Boone, Albert Salmi as Yadkin, and Dallas McKennon as Cincinattus. Daniel never had all the adventures television ascribed to him, but they made entertaining watching.

Fess Parker projected a nice-guy image and I believe he was just as nice in real life. Today he hangs up his coonskin cap and vintner's goblet and goes to explore a new Frontier.