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» Friday, March 05, 2010
Fresh Air
I just came up the stairs with a dozen books in my arms.

Okay, it was my own fault. I went back to the Sweetwater Library and got the only other two Phryne Fisher books that Cobb County owns. This time the Threadmill was open and I walked down the long corridor toward the central atrium, down the polished wood-beam floor. It looks as if there are several Cobb County and City of Austell offices in the building now as well.

I was parked out back and it occurred to me that they had not fixed the rear of the building as well as the front; from the rear it could be any old factory still in business, save for the quiet. It couldn't have been pleasant to work here in the days before air conditioning, with the air filled with cotton fiber dust from the threads, along with the constant racket of the spinning machines.

Came home by Borders to pick up the newest Harry Dresden book in paperback, and then, because I had seen the notification on the librarian's desk, went by Jim Miller Park for the spring edition of the library sale. I usually don't find much I want at these sales, but today there was a bumper crop of Christmas books—not craft or cookbooks, which I don't care for—plus a few more:

At Christmas the Heart Goes Home
The Christmas Book
(this is a British book I have taken out before; it has the most peculiar stories)
Pearl Buck's Book of Christmas
The Solstice Evergreen
A Williamsburg Christmas
The Night the Stars Sang
The Book of Lists: The 90s Edition
Pippa's Challenge
(Joy Adamson)
The Joy of Nature (a Readers Digest book that is really a neat combination of geography, geology, botany, and animalia)

I discovered something while I was out, something even more astonishing than a dozen books or a sunny day or the nice breeze: I feel better. I mean, better than I have since around February 9. I don't have a headache, sinus or otherwise, my nose isn't stuffed, my throat doesn't hurt, my teeth don't hurt, I'm not woozy, or sleepy, my eyes don't hurt, I'm not totally exhausted by anything that involves more than a walk around Kroger. It's been so long since I felt good...I've forgotten what it felt like.

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