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» Friday, March 19, 2010
A Bright Spring Friday
Had a longer sleep-in than planned, so when I arrived at the Napa Auto Care Center, it was already full to the gills. Mike suggested I come back at eleven, so I decided to fill up the car first, then go to WalMart.

I don't know why I keep going to the WalMart on Powder Springs and the Connector; it drives me mad. Okay, I know why I like to go: it's not crowded. And I guess I know why: half the time they don't have what is needed—or at least what I need. They have my type of yogurt, but not my flavor. They had no Lite Salt. They had no...but why go on. I did get a few things, then hightailed it over to the WallyWorld near Floyd Road which had everything I needed.

Will you tell me why WalMart doesn't keep the rugs all together like they used to? At the WalMart on Powder Springs I found the kitchen rugs, and the bathroom rugs, but not rugs you put inside the door to wipe your feet. I had to ask where to find them at the other store. They were sort of off at the side. Unfortunately they didn't have the rugs I liked in the size I wanted. Gah. Why not have rugs all in the same place?

Then I zipped back to the car place to read Facebook and the book I brought with me until the car was ready.

He said, "I need to mention something to you." And I knew what it was. I've been seeing little dits and dots of oil on the garage floor. He confirmed that there's a leak somewhere, it's minor right now, and said he wanted to put some dye in the crankcase that will tell them where the leak is. I had him do it and have to go back in two weeks.

Well, after almost six years, 57,000+ miles, regular commuting and errands, two trips to Rhode Island, one to Washington DC, one to Pennsylvania, one to Owensboro, and twice to Gatlinburg (including once where it had to do an imitation of a mountain goat), I'd say the car has a right to an oil leak. :-)

So I brought the groceries home, grabbed the Michaels coupons and a Borders coupon, and went out again. I bought some sale flowers to freshen up the flower basket on the porch (the existing flowers are faded from being out in the Georgia sun all spring and summer) and used the coupon for a new calligraphy pen. Then nipped in next door and bought Schuyler more birdseed.

I decided to go to Borders and pick up the book Jesus, Interrupted. It looks like it might make good late Lenten/Easter reading. I have The Year of Living Biblically as well.

Came home and had some soup as a late lunch, vacuumed upstairs, and stripped the bed and set the bedclothes to washing, and dubbed off Seems Like Old Times from the DVR.

We had supper at Ruby Tuesday. We had twofer coupons and I treated myself to a "surf and turf," a seven-ounce steak and two lobster tails. I think they were baby lobsters. :-) But they were yummy. I had enough of the steak and mashed potatoes left for a lunch next week.

James wanted to pick up some gadgets for his server, so we went to MicroCenter. A nice half-hour wandering about Electronics Land. Yum.

So James is now downstairs working on his gadget and I'm dubbing off It's Murder, Madam. I'll get them all, eventually. :-)

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