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» Monday, March 15, 2010
Batteries and Breezes
Today could have subbed for the background of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. The brisk breeze at lunch had not abated by quitting time; I emerged to tossing trees and immediately exclaimed, "Damn, where's my kite?" (I tried the pocket kite I got for Christmas when I got home; alas, the breeze was too erratic to keep it aloft.)

On the way home I heard XM's traffic report say something about an accident on Spring Road...listened harder to the report the second time round (after it was, of course, interrupted for the Miami traffic; damn them for picking up Sirius' double-channel traffic idiocy) and they said it was at Cobb Parkway and Spring Road, just where I needed to turn, so I avoided Spring Road—only to pass by the intersection in question on my way to go the long way around via Atlanta Road and seeing no accident at all. I don't even know why I bother listening—you could get better traffic reports from a pig.

Yesterday we found a nice cut of beef (about 2 1/2 pounds) marked down twice until it was $1.97 a pound. James browned it last night, then refrigerated it in the crock pot, and started it this morning with a little low sodium soy sauce, black sauce, garlic, and onions. By dinnertime it was falling-off-the-bones tender. We had it with egg noodles. Yum.

To my surprise both my spare phone battery and the cradle for the phone came today. I had some Amazon credit and decided to use it on hardware instead of books, since the to-be-read piles are starting to tilt like the tower at Pisa. The cradle keeps the phone in "dock mode" where it serves as a bedside clock/alarm/music player/weather station, plus it has a space at the back to charge an extra battery. I am thinking ahead to DragonCon.

Anyone catch House tonight? I loved the one thing Wilson picked out for the apartment: an organ for House! And it was a real organ, too, like the one I learned on, one with stops that slide in and out. I clapped when I saw it.

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