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» Friday, February 19, 2010
While Wandering About You Tube
Wonder what the smartphone generation makes of these films?

How To Use A Telephone (1927)

Remember Jeff and little Timmy "cranking" the phone to call Jenny? Wonder what happened to Jenny when dial came along?

How to Dial a Rotary Phone

"Dial Comes to Town" part 1 and part 2

Finally, here's a film about being able to...gasp!...dial long distance directly without need of an operator! I remember in the "long ago" days of the early 60s of my dad calling the operator to speak "station to station" with his brother in Beverly or his sister in Peabody ("person-to-person" was more expensive). (Even earlier in long distance history, you had to call the operator to arrange the connection for your long distance call; once she established the connection, she would call you back.)

Nation at Your Fingertips