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» Friday, February 05, 2010
Rain and Gloom and Gloom Yet Again
Had a sleep-in this morning; nothing is better on a cold, wet day than snuggling in warm blankets and feather pillows. Ah, yes, 34°F and rain. Lovely weather.

Had nowhere to go today, and who would have wanted to go anyway? I vacuumed upstairs, tidied the kitchen and swept the floor, and vacuumed the stairs. Spent a bunch of time watching the birds. When it was raining heavily they were still out there eating, sopped to their little birdie skins. Kept wishing I could run outside with a towel and rub their little bodies dry.

The first of the amazing things that happened was finding a mockingbird scrounging at the feeder. He must have been desperate; I never see mockingbirds at bird feeders. At the old house we had more cardinals than we do here, and no brown-headed nuthatches, but never mockingbirds. Our feeders are set up mostly for small birds, but he did grab some seeds out of the largest feeder.

Later on we had a flock of goldfinches, all in their dull winter coats, but very recognizable from their white-barred black wings. I've seen one goldfinch occasionally, but never this many!

I found out this afternoon that someone that I knew had passed away. It's funny, I woke up yesterday morning thinking about Mary Bloemker, and now this.

Finally dubbed off the final two Monk episodes. No sooner did I decide to do so than the satellite box wouldn't come on. I pressed the reset button and that didn't work, so I had to do a hard reboot: pull out the plug and wait ten minutes. Felt a lot like this morning, when I discovered the DSL modem was down (James said after all the rain we had, he wasn't a bit surprised).

Once that was all reset, committed "Mr. Monk and the End" to DVR, and blubbered through the final song. I needed a good cry anyway.

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