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» Thursday, February 25, 2010
Not Out of the Cold
Honestly, the "cold" portion is gone. But the "sinus" follow-on is still annoying. Right sinus still feels clogged, and I wake up snurgly in the morning. The advice nurse wasn't kidding when she said it would take a while for this sucker to go away. :-)

Trying to make headway at work. Many difficulties on many orders. A little discouraging.

Did get a nice surprise today: it was "leftovers" day on Amazon Vine and what should turn up but The Mapping of Love and Death, the new Maisie Dobbs mystery which will be out officially in April. Also found an interesting book about the training of a search-and-rescue dog.

Plus my copy of Camille Bacon-Smith's Science Fiction Culture showed up today. I have Enterprising Women, her book on fanfiction (bought both it and Jenkins' Textual Poachers, also about fanfic, at Magicon in 1992), but hadn't ever seen this one, published in 2000. I was just paging through it and saw interviews with Ed Kramer (founder of DragonCon) and Samanda Juede (from Electrical Eggs), and then several pages about the SFRT bulletin boards on GEnie! Those used to be such fun!

Up a lot later than we should be watching the finals in the women's figure skating...

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