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» Friday, February 12, 2010
How Weather is an Inexact Science
I've looked at three radar maps now and each tells me something different! According to one, we have a wintry mix outside. Linda holds hand out door to the deck and goes "Huh?"

All I do know is that something is coming, since the sky is that white-grey it turns before a snowstorm. (The Georgia sky isn't a true indicator of snow. A snow sky is completely different in Rhode Island, whiter, and there's this silent hum in the air—if that makes any sense. It's like you have partial earmuffs on; sounds are muffled.) Plus CDC is spooked enough to have given us a release date of 2 p.m.

The news is showing snow somewhere, big pillowy flakes, but I missed where it was because I briefly nipped outside to bring the trash barrel in.

Maybe the birds know something, because I have seen two, count 'em, two birds at the feeder all morning: a wren and a yellow-rumped warbler. Not an auspicious day for the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Oh, well, I'm just going to work through until two and take my lunch then. No use wasting the time. I can use the extra time to vacuum and tidy up for Game Night tomorrow. I want to make sure I'm done in time to sit down for Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Woot! Winter Olympics!


[1:40 P.M. Two very puzzled looking goldfinches, one on the small squirrel-proof feeder and one on the large one, just sitting out there in the snow. "Obviously we didn't fly south enough..."]

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