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» Sunday, February 07, 2010
Hearts and Heartstrings
Not much of a day. We went to Kroger this morning for groceries. I expected it to be more crowded, but I guess everyone did their party shopping yesterday. It was like "night and day" going out: sunny and cloudless compared to the low slate-colored clouds and scattered snowflakes of yesterday. Later some light clouds came in.

I had talked about possibly going to Ikea today, just to walk around, but I was having some difficulties this morning, so instead we just went to MicroCenter. I needed a new battery charger for my cordless mouse anyway. I remember when I got the thing it said that two triple-A batteries should last three months. ::snort:: I was lucky if they would last three days. I just used my Michaels coupons and bought a half-dozen rechargeable batteries, plus the two that came with the original charger. Last week I noticed I was only getting about one day out of a charge. Then I noticed the red light on the charger wasn't coming on, and the batteries weren't warm in the charger (they were always warm coming out). Just won't do.

Came home just as the first quarter of the Puppy Bowl was ending, and settled in happily to watch two hours (since we watched the first half hour over on the repeat) of adorable puppies tumbling over each other. The "MVP" (Most Valuable Puppy) was a sweet chihuahua/pug cross named Jake who literally raced up and down the "field" as if he were the biggest dog in the room. One of the dogs was very striking: part husky, I believe, a pale color and white with black markings on the ears and head, and brilliant blue eyes. Her name was Chamomile.

I had to laugh during the "Kitty Half Time Show." When the confetti came down at the end all the kittens had this "what the heck?" expression on their faces. Too funny.

Two lop-eared bunnies who personified the word "bored" were the "cheerleaders," and a "blimp" run by hamsters gave us a view of the "field."

James made pork chops for dinner, and afterwards I spent about 75 minutes putting up the Valentines Day decorations. About half of these were on the porch and it was a bit chilly out there. :-) Our neighbors across the street and one house down were quite obviously having a Stupor Bowl party.

I also took a few minutes to sit down at the computer to do something I thought would be fun. I created an alarm for my phone using a vintage recording of Gladys Stevens, 63 years old, who lives in Omaha, and makes her living taping messages for voice reminder systems. (First person who gets the joke...well, gets the joke. LOL.)

Finally ended up watching the last half of The Sound of Music (from when Georg is singing "Edelweiss" after coming home with the Baroness). The picture on ABC Family was dreadful. It said "HD," but not only wasn't the picture HD, but it kept fading in and out to an even worse picture with lots of artifacts in it.

Whoa! The Saints won the Stupid Bowl. Cool! Yesterday when we went to Books-a-Million they asked you to pick a team. If the team won you would get a coupon for $5 off. I picked the Saints just for the heck of it (because John Larroquette and Ellen DeGeneres are from New Orleans). So now I have a coupon.

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