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» Monday, February 01, 2010
Fun With the Droid
Found a totally useless app: Fireworks. You pick a skyline and tap at the screen. A firework shoots up to that point and explodes. If you move your fingers quickly enough, you get a fireworks finale.

Found several timer apps: I replaced the nap timer with a simpler one. The old one seemed to reset itself at odd times. I also found a sleep timer. You set your music (in this case I picked Pandora), then tell the timer in how many minutes you want it to shut off. It even fades out. Plus an app that will shut the phone ringer off for a set amount of time and then turn it back on. Have an hour meeting or something else where you don't want to be interrupted, but want to make sure your ringer is back on afterwards? This works.

Something called Aloqa looked interesting. It homes in on your GPS signal and then tells you what's around you in various categories: restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, pet-friendly places, kid-friendly places, concerts, plays, movies, etc. Looks neat.

Also found another music app, DroidLive Lite (Lite because it has ads). This finds all sorts of online radio stations. I found at least three 1920s/30s/40s stations, Christmas music, cool jazz, a dozen stations playing OTR (including one just for detective stories and one for comedies), Celtic music including one stating it was direct from Ireland, and even WGBH radio from Boston. Sweet!

(Incidentally, had a nice set of Celtic music coming home tonight on my "Gaelic Storm radio" station on Pandora. One was by the group Aureole, whose Christmas music I loved so much on "Holiday Traditions" on XM that I bought the album.)

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