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» Saturday, February 06, 2010
Feelin' Flaky
Another lovely morning for sleeping in. Even James was somnolent this morning; he usually gets up before me.

There was a racket coming from the deck when I finally went into the kitchen. It turned out to be the wrens. One of them, probably the male, sits at the corner of the deck near the grill and just "bellows" his little birdie heart out in something that sounds like chip-chip-chip. Usually he's by himself, but today a smaller wren was nearby. Maybe "the missus"?

We got up just in time to see the first episode of the newest This Old House sequence. They are fixing an 1870s duplex in Roxbury, and the place is a wreck. There is even rotting wood on the first floor because of a leak on the roof over the second story.

It took us a while to go out into the chill gloom; we bundled up, and a good thing, too, as the wind had a raw edge to it. It had been flapping the window shades in the bedroom earlier. So we made a brief stop at Publix, and then went out to the hobby shop where I sat happily reading Silent on the Moor while the guys talked guy talk.

When we came out of the hobby shop, very fine snowflakes were flittering down like salt crystals coming out of a shaker. Never amounted to anything, but it looked neat (and non-accumulative). Then we picked up a Wendyburger and went up to Brandsmart. I was looking for something else, but they had none in stock. We did buy a new food scale.

[When we got home I looked at the instructions for the scale and had to laugh. Here, verbatim, are part of the instructions (emphasis is mine):
Place the item to be weighed on the center of the platform. The weight will display. As you add weight, the weight displayed increases. When the weight is removed, the display will return to zero.
Golly, imagine that.]

We came home the long way around, going up to Books-a-Million. Grabbed a new Reminisce Extra since my subscription has retired and, in the bargain bin, found the sequel to a book I had purchased at DragonCon. Also stopped at Michaels and I did find a new spring/summer wreath for the front door. I bought a little bird and a nest to mount on it as well, and some discount ribbon to trim it.

I just wanted something simple for supper, like some chicken soup. We had bought some Italian-wedding soup at Publix, so I had that and James had a frozen dinner and some soup as well, and we watched Dirty Jobs and then the dog show on Animal Planet. A lovely Scottie won, but one of the finalists was a beautiful blue merle collie.

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