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» Sunday, February 28, 2010
Another Day, Another Sniffle
James was up early for work today (he started at noon), so we were able to go to Kroger together for the usual weekly groceries before he left. We got two nice sale pieces of meat that we won't have to defrost, milk, and all that.

We got the groceries home and he left for work, and I started the towels, then went back to BJs to get another Loretadine (the coupon was too good to pass up) and another omeprazole (ditto). Stopped briefly at Borders and found the new Yankee, then had the GPS on the phone direct me to the Sweetwater Library. I didn't know there was a library in that direction and was curious to see it.

Alas, even though the library website states it's open on Sunday afternoons, it was shut tight; a man showed up with his little boy, so I wasn't the only one misinformed. This is over in the old Threadmill complex, which opened several years ago, a repurposed (surprise!) thread-spinning mill, as a mall of sorts. I remember it had a pet store and a several other shops. (If you are from Rhode Island, think the old Davol Square project.) It didn't do very well, and when we went back not more than a year later, it was a weird conglomeration of junk shops and cheap jewelry sellers. There are still a couple of jewelry places there, some of them repair shops, some lawyers, and the library. Oh, well.

Came home to read and nurse my abused sinuses. Finally had enough energy to take the Valentine decorations down from the porch. Fed the dog, had some soup, watched the end of the Canadian/US hockey game (Canada got gold). Very soon, closing ceremonies. Have enjoyed this year's Olympics.

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