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» Saturday, January 30, 2010
Trivial Things
You should have seen the birds at the feeder this afternoon! At one point we had four bluebirds crowding around the suet, a male and three females. Later, another male appeared, but only when only one of the females was there. At one point, the male looked straight at me. Plus the usual gang of titmice and chickadees, and a very brilliant pine warbler.

Earlier in the morning the yellow-rumped warbler was back. The yellow was not very bright, but quite definitely yellow and not white or beige.

We left the house about 2:30, which was unfortunately too late when we got to the hobby shop—the cleaner was already closed. I sat in the meeting room and read the new Flavia de Luce book which I got from Amazon Vine this month, feeling distinctly cold and a bit uncomfortable. Since it would be four hours until dinner, we stopped at Wendy's for a burger when we got finished.

Stopped at Borders on the outbound leg to pick up a book I had been looking for [after I looked at it, realized one of the names in it was familiar and later found the book downstairs; will have to return it]. James found a CD of the best of the "Thistle and Shamrock" musical show on the radio, so we played that out to Alpharetta, where we would be playing trivia tonight.

Of course we stopped at Fry's, as it was directly on the way. :-) James found a birthday gift for someone, and I was looking around to see if there were any little stands or something to put the antenna on top of the television. I ended up with a plastic bookstand that looked like it might work if put on the television upside down. [It works, too...except if I move the silly antenna one inch to the left, the picture breaks up. I messed with it so much that I cracked one of the aerials and had to tape it. It's finally sorta coming in...still some pixilation occasionally.]

When we came out of Fry's, it was snowing and continued so for about five minutes. That's all the snow we got.

Trivia was at a place called Mulligan's Grill. Had a French dip; not bad except they used deli roast beef rather than the real thing. We had an appetizer called "Irish Nachos," either french fries or tater tots with cheese and bacon. James picked the tater tots. Tasty. Had a great first half, then a bad second half and failed quite spectacularly at the end. We had the right answer, but were not sure enough of it to put points on it.

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