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» Thursday, January 14, 2010
[sticks hand up from amongst tinsel]
I'm here...when I'm not busy with work I am taking down Christmas decorations...what took three weeks to go up does not take one day to come down, and I'm behind because the party was so this rate I'll be taking the tree down on MLK Day. But I have the small decorations clear (bathroom, guest room, what little we put up in the bedroom, the Rudolph tree in the hall—which I just bubble wrap at the end of the season and end up fixing when I put it back up), the candles out of all the windows upstairs (the library tree is in the way downstairs and it's been so cold down there I've been reluctant to go work), the porch decorated for winter even though the lights are still up, and at lunch today I cleared all out of the dining room and kitchen (just have the Santas to wrap up—I had to glue one that broke when it fell, so I want to make sure the glue is dry).

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