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» Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Skeleton Freeze
Once they made the change to digital, the local channels ended up with these little "side-channels" or "sub-channels" that had other programming on them. WXIA, Atlanta's NBC station, has two of these sub-channels. One is a silent local radar, with temp and forecasts, the other is Universal Sports. Most of the time that I've surfed by, they seem to be broadcasting bicycle racing (occasionally swimming), but now that winter is here and the Olympics are upcoming, we are seeing snow sports: snowboarding, skiing, etc. Today during lunch they had women's skeleton, which means you like prone on a specially-made board the size of a serving tray and hurtle downhill head first along a twisting chute made of ice at speeds that go up to 75 mph by the time you reach the bottom of the chute.

May I be the first to say "barf ride"? :-)

But it's fun to watch. I love watching winter sports. Can't wait for the Winter Olympics. Last time we had a Winter Olympics we were moving, so I hope we can enjoy watching more this time.

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