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» Sunday, January 10, 2010
Simple Sunday
Slept better last night, thankfully. As cold as it was last night—it was so cold I actually put the window down (not all the way, but almost closed)—and I did feel a bit warm at times!

We had a slow Sunday. James washed up the rest of the serving plates and I cleaned off the table and the chairs, then vacuumed the entire area, also cleaning off the coffee table. We put up the leftover cups and plastic silverware, got the kitchen back to normal, and I washed the Christmas dishtowels preparatory to packing them up.

I came out of the bedroom after getting dressed and found Willow lying in James' chair. She gets really anxious when we have company, but we must have really wigged her out last night. She doesn't usually get up in James' chair!

About eleven thirty we went out to East Cobb. Stopped at Trader Joe's to get a few things, and at Fuzziwig's to get more Jolly Rancher watermelon candies. Went into Borders and found the new British Country Living and Shop Smart. Discovered a book by Jerry Doyle. I miss listening to his radio show, even though sometimes the rants got a bit much.

On the way home we stopped at Publix; they had K cereal twofers, and I had coupons, so basically I got four boxes for $1.50 each. Good deal.

No days off this week so it will be a slow slog getting the Christmas things down. However, this morning I removed the candles from the front and back windows and put the regular candles back in the two front windows. (They are on dusk to dawn and are cheering when you leave for work in the dark!)

When we got home I took the Christmas banner down, took down the Santas, the Christmas signs, the Christmas basket and the wreath off the porch, and put the metal Christmas decorations and the two log reindeer away and put out the winter wreath, banner, and two snowmen, plus shut the porch lights off for good. I can't do the rest of the winter porch decorating until James takes the lights down and it is much too cold right now (plus he'll have to get the winter boxes down for me; they're too heavy). The rest of the lights I shut off, except for the main tree. It can be pretty until I get to it. :-)

Watched the newest This Old House, the rest of a Underdog to Wonderdog that James got interested in last night at bedtime (a woman so severely afraid of dogs that she had a panic attack when she saw a small six-month old puppy), and then had more of the vegetable ham soup for supper with a demi-baguette we got at Trader Joe's. Also saw a Dateline about the Christmas Eve bomber.

Now we are just finishing watching a fascinating Nature about hummingbirds. Types I've never seen before, with long beaks, or fancy tails, or one that looked like it was wearing white feather bloomers. How lovely!

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