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» Saturday, January 23, 2010
Shopping Ramble
Yesterday was my compressed day off and today James had to work, so I've been pretty much on my own for two days. I can't seem to catch up on sleep since Christmas, so Friday I was slug-a-bed until after nine.

I had two essential errands, however; I had to go to the bank and I had to hunt down vacuum cleaner bags. The first was quick and painless, the second was aggravating. Since we have a Kirby, we just can't get bags any old where. The closest store is on the way to Buckhead, so I went there. Aieeee! Next time I order the bags online! Even if I have to pay $7 postage, the cost per bag goes down from $3.50 each to $2.50 each.

I had read about a book on a book blog that I thought I might like to buy, but Borders only had it at Buckhead, or at Perimeter. So I was originally going to go out to Perimeter, but since I was halfway to Buckhead already I changed directions, stopping at the Container Store first.

Ironically, once I looked through the book, I decided I didn't want it, found out Temple Grandin's latest book was out in paperback, but ended up not buying it there after all, since a linguistics book caught my eye. The Buckhead Borders has the most choices, although I'm massively annoyed about how they've swapped out the history and the biographies. There are fewer history books now. Grrr.

Came home to do laundry, run the vacuum a little. We had supper at Fresh2Order since I had a twofer coupon, then we went to pick up the Temple Grandin book, of course.

Incidentally, at Buckhead I went rummaging in the bargain bins and found the novelization for the Star Trek film. Haven't read it yet, but just opening it solved one mystery already, why little Jimmy Kirk wanted to get that car wrecked so badly.

Since it was Saturday and I wanted to go to JoAnn before the mob appeared around Town Center Mall and spilled out over Barrett Parkway, I didn't have the luxury of a sleep-in this morning. I stopped briefly at Hobby Lobby first, bracing myself for the assault of pink that overwhelms Valentines Day decorations. Gah. The summer stuff is out already. I restrain myself from screaming.

I'm on the lookout for a new spring wreath for the front door. The other was getting pretty grimy, and the flowers were starting to shed, so I dumped it. I saw what might have been a likely wreath if the house did not face west; it had a lot of artificial berries on it. One month in the sun and half of them would be split open to reveal the white styrofoam/plastic/whatever inside. So I keep looking.

Came home by Publix and Kroger for some serious grocery shopping. Ironically, the Quaker oatmeal on sale at Kroger was cheaper than the twofer oatmeal at Publix. But they did have sugar-free tapioca pudding at Publix. And Uncle Ben's rice. And there were cherries...

I was mostly reading when I got home (and messing with Farmville), but I did finish a longstanding craft project. Many years ago my mom gave me, via my Cousin Anna, an Avon snowman. It's a transluscent white plastic form on a base with three C-7 flasher lightbulbs. The snowman was kitted out for Christmas, with red-and-green scarf and a top hat with holly on it. But I never used it at Christmas since I had so many decorations, but saved it for winter (left the blue flashing bulb in there, and replaced the red and green flasher bulbs with another blue and a clear bulb), and have been saying for years I was going to change it to make it wintry. Today I bought a peacock blue piece of felt, cut a strip for the scarf, fringed the end, and put it around the snowman's neck in place of the striped job, then cut a slimmer strip to cover the red band around the top hat (I cut the holly off). I then affixed some silver and white snowflakes to the top hat. Last week I also fixed his broomstick; I had it repaired with Scotch tape for years...looked horrible. Now it's superglued. Tucked some snowflakes in that, too!

Just ate supper at Ken's Grill. Mmmm. Pork chops. Managed to make Pandora Radio sound enticing enough that James downloaded it to his Droid, too. He's now down in the "man cave" listening either to Scottish marches or the Moody Blues. I managed to make a rather nice station this afternoon by specifying "John Philip Sousa." Got not only marches, but "Le Marsellaise," John Williams doing the Olympic fanfare, the "Toreador" song from Carmen...

(Awww, dang it, all that bookstoring and I forgot to look for Torey Hayden's latest when I was at Kennesaw today...)

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