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» Saturday, January 30, 2010
Saturday in the Rain
Just finishing watching the Newton Centre Dutch Colonial project on This Old House. Golly, look at that kitchen! And the hardwood floors—drool! Plus the next project starts next episode (YAY!); they're really rehabilitating an old house, a duplex in Roxbury, which is in dreadful shape, even worse than the row house in Brooklyn was.

Had a leisurely breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt and milk while watching the preceding Ask This Old House, and, before that, the end of a History Detectives I don't remember seeing.

The last was on the GPB "sub-channel" 8-3, GPB Knowledge. Since we've gotten the rabbit ear antenna balanced and aimed to get GPB, a lot of times if we are just going to watch network or PBS, we don't even bother putting the satellite box on. This way we get to see the full HD on GPB and WPBA, which Dish Network doesn't carry.

Of course since a flat-screen television has no "shelf" on top, the rabbit ears are rather precariously balanced, half the base on the narrow top of the television, and the other half resting on a stuck-out DVD case from one of the Disney "True-Life Adventure" sets. I have a little poster tape keeping the base stuck to the television and a piece of balled-up foil keeping one of the stretched-out antenna aerials from lopping down behind the television. (The aerials of the antenna, aimed to get GPB, look like the legs of a ballerina doing the split, with the loop portion pointed directly west; that's the only way we get Channel 8.)

Anyone know of a little "shelf" that can be set on top of a flat-screen television? 'Cause I'd really like better access to those True-Life Adventures. LOL.

It's been quiet around here because I've been (a) recovering from the fall and (b) playing catch-up at work. I got four orders and a modification done this week, and finally solved the problem of why an invoice wasn't being paid. (Sigh...why couldn't they have told me that earlier?) Tuesday I was mostly worried about my legs, especially the right ones, which hurt terribly when I walked on them. My big problem Wednesday was my left arm, which was downright in pain. I couldn't lift it higher than my head nor brush my hair comfortably, and I even had to ask James' help in feeding Schuyler because her food dish is wedged between the bars of the cage so it won't fall, and I have to use my left hand to hold down the cage while I pull out the dish with my right. Swallowed lots of ibuprofin and Tylenol and typed quietly.

Anyway, it looks like we missed the "winter storm"—just got rain. They were showing snow and ice on the road as far south as Dalton last night; looked rather nasty. It's still dreary and awful outside: 34°F and drizzling. Yuck. I'd rather have snow. I can't think of anything more depressing than winter rain.

And I'm tired of the weather reporters on the news whining about the cold. It's winter. It's supposed to be cold. Go live somewhere warm and inhospitable, like Acapulco, if you can't deal with it.

We had Captain D's for the first time in ages yesterday, due to the coupons. Sorry to say I tasted fish and coleslaw all night. :-) We also went to Costco to see if they had an inexpensive radar detector which got rather good ratings. While we were there got milk and granola bars and walked about a bit. Found a big bag of shelled almonds, which will be good for treats when I get the urge for a nosh.

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