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» Sunday, January 24, 2010
Rainy Sunday
We don't like to sleep too late on Sundays since it then makes it hard to get to sleep Sunday night. However, the rain had blown in during the night and it was just a perfect day to roll into the arms of Morpheus—so we did. Then I had James make me some "cheese things" after last night...take a low-carb tortilla, put cheese slices in it, fold it over, and grill it. "Cheese things." Nice specific term. LOL.

Went out a little after noon to pick up the eggs James forgot to tell me he needed yesterday. It was Georgia Monsoon season by then. In the two hours we were out the temperature went up six degrees, the rain poured, and it was just generally miserable. So we came home and watched snowboarding and then figure skating.

Pork chops for supper, ice cream for dessert, laundry for a chaser. I changed the bed this morning and washed the bedclothes this afternoon, and am still trying to get the blankets dry. Gah.

We are having a lovely time re-watching and commenting on Remember WENN episodes in the Yahoo Group. So if you're a WENN fan and miss the series, c'mon by:

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