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» Thursday, January 07, 2010
Movement in the Air
How glad I am that I bought the space heater for the bathroom! Last night when I went in there to take my pill it was 54°F...James turns it on low about 10 p.m. and by the time we take our showers it is in the low 70s.

I had it on this morning, too, as it was about 27 out. Unfortunately, I couldn't take it out on the deck with me to refill the bird feeders (well, at least not and get the full effect!). I had a "hatband" on, and a scarf, at least, and by the time I'd refilled feeders, could barely feel my hands. I refilled the suet feeders, too; the birds do not like the new brand of suet Lowes is selling, so I'm glad I stocked up at Bass Pro. I put out the woodpecker blend and the apple blend.

The birds have rewarded me by turning the feeders into a thriving business; all the usual customers are there, even the wren, and even a yellow-rumped warbler showed up. The flash of yellow on the rump was bright and clear!

The pine warblers sure like that apple mix suet, too. Wish the red-headed woodpecker would check into the woodpecker suet, not the seed. He's such an untidy eater; tosses half the seed on the ground.

Not feeling so swift this morning. Had a little popcorn last night, to the usual result. As the clouds build up my headache is getting worse. The edge of the storm is almost upon us...looks like rain, followed by "wintry mix," followed by snow on the radar. The dang rain can take a time-out for this one, thankyouverymuch.

Have plugged my phone into the nice little MP3 speaker/radio gadget the Lawsons gave us for Christmas. Pandora has found an outstanding collection of instrumental Christmas songs to stream. Have the tree on; since we won't take it down until after the party, I might as well enjoy it. After Epiphany I make myself officially Scandinavian—everything up until St. Knut's Day! :-)

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