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» Monday, January 04, 2010
Life's What Happens...First 2010 Installment
Well, this is a great start to the work year. James left a few minutes before me, so I was coming down the stairs as he backed out of the garage and happened to look out the sidelight. His left rear tire, the one that was fixed last month, was flat. And there he was, in his good clothes, in 18°F, prepared to put the spare on...oh, jeez Louise...

So I took him to work and will have to pick him up. The trick is that today is his followup appointment with the hand specialist, so I have to get out early, and take him to the doctor if we can't get the tire changed/fixed by that time. We're going to try and see if we can pump it up temporarily like we did last time to get it to the tire place and see if they can at least put the spare on, since they don't stock that type of tire if he needs a new one.

The mysterious thing about this was that we thought we had a flat in that tire on Saturday. James wanted to make a dipping sauce for the pork rolls we were bringing to his mother's, so we stopped at the Food Lion on Watson Boulevard. Just as we turned into the parking lot, we heard a "pop!" and "flap! flap! flap!" coming from the right rear. Thought for sure we had a flat, but the tire was fine. It was fine when we got out of Food Lion, in the driveway at his mom's, and all the way home, and yesterday when we went to Kroger. So maybe what actually happened to it happened in the Kroger parking lot—the builders around here are not careful with nails; I got two flat tires in five months when we were first coming out to the development in 2005—since I went back down to the garage a couple of times in the afternoon, but don't remember looking at the tire, so it could have been going flat yesterday afternoon.

But if it did start to happen on Saturday, all I can think of is that we have to thank God it didn't happen fully on I-75 going 70 m.p.h.!

[deep sigh]

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