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» Monday, January 18, 2010
A Day Patched Together
Nothing's better than getting to sleep late. Makes up for all those Saturday mornings I was up early to watch Lassie reruns. :-)

My first mission today was a crucial one: fix my jeans. I bought four pairs of jeans the last time I was in Rhode Island and they are still in great shape, since I alternate wearing them and don't wear them in the winter, except for the usual area that needs patching. I really love these jeans because not only do they fit nicely, but they fit nicely vertically. I can almost never find pants that are the correct length, and I loathe hemming pants the way I despise cooking. Apparently "average" women's pants are made for giants. I was so surprised when I found these Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for a reasonable price, in four different colors, in three different lengths, and the "petite" fit perfectly, which is why I bought one of each color.

Ironically, I bought these in the BJs on Hartford Avenue, and they came in three lengths, but when I found them again at BJs in Georgia, they just came in one generic size.

So I patched the two pair I knew about, then went to check the third pair before I put the iron up, the blue ones, only to find out they needed repair, too. The beige ones are okay, since I don't wear that light color as much. The blue wash and the brown are my favorites; I've been wearing the black ones to work because I bought two new pair of black pants for work and...all together now...they're too long. Sigh...

Since the ironing board was now put up, I used the opportunity to tidy the craft room, pack up one Christmas project I didn't get to this year (I'm planning to finish another) and a little white tree I'm planning to bring to work for next year. I also fixed the dust cover of the big Reader's Digest coffee table book, Our Glorious Century, that I bought at Atlanta Vintage Books at the end of last month. The book itself was nearly pristine, but the impressive blue-and-silver cover looked like it had been jammed on a shelf or in a box, and had a "skid mark" of a darker color, plus a torn spot and a divot torn out of the back. I figured I would just patch it with acid-free tape when I got home, but the owner noticed the torn cover and before I could say anything, he whipped out a roll of plain old tape and fixed it rather badly. Ooops. Well, at less than $6 I couldn't quibble.

So today I took off the errant tape, sadly damaging the cover a little bit more, and patched up all the rips. For the divot and the hole now on the front cover, I put tape on the front, then filled in on the sticky back with a silver paint pen and then put tape on the back side, covering the paint. I also managed to get most of the "skid mark" off with a scrubby sponge. The cover doesn't look perfect, but it does look a lot better.

Also vacuumed the stairs, swept downstairs and the foyer, put a few other things up in the holiday closet, did a load of towels, had some cheese and crackers for lunch, and spent the afternoon watching the first three episodes of the first series of Jeeves and Wooster. I don't think James would have liked this. I thought it was cute, but I'm not much of a Wodehouse fan. I do have the first Jeeves book on my book reader on my phone. Will dip into it and see if I like it better. Hugh Laurie does play a twit quite well, and Stephen Fry is perfect as Jeeves (although I understand many folks think he is too young for the role).

Mmmmnnn...turkey thighs for supper...

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