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» Wednesday, January 06, 2010
By the Fire
So here it is the festival of the Epiphany, and we are awaiting snow.

Okay, I know it's Atlanta. But honestly...only an inch of snow is predicted, and, at least at this point, no rain beforehand, and starting at 4 p.m....and half the schools in the area are already announcing they're going to close early.

Everyone's already flummoxed over the weather. We usually have a cold spell in January, it drops down to the teens for a few days, then rebounds to the normal January temps of 50°F. But it's been 30s here for several days with lows in the 20s (and that's not counting the wind chill factor), and the next few nights it will be in the teens. It's like January in Rhode Island, so I have no problem; my winter coat keeps me snug. I've had to inch the thermostat up to 70 (it's usually on 67, or 64 earlier in the season) for an hour or two to take the chill off the house, although this afternoon I used the natural method instead and lifted the shades in the living room, painting sun patches on the floor, something Willow really loves.

I've left the water dripping downstairs and we've had the gas log on the last two nights. I've also had to put a bowl of water out—it's so dry in here. Golly, I miss hot water heating; at least everything didn't snap, crackle and pop every time I walk. I didn't even wear my slippers today, just two pairs of socks, and I still raised sparks on nearly everything: the corners of the doors that are sheathed in metal, scissors blades, the screws that hold the light switch covers on the walls, the metal side of the tape player—I'm terrified I'm going to fry a computer. I can't go near the Christmas tree without the tinsel rising up to touch me. It's eerie.

I downloaded Pandora Radio for the Droid today and amused myself with playlists. I searched on "Bing Crosby Christmas" and got a nice assortment of Crosby, Como, Mathis, Cole, Sinatra, the Canadian Brass, and the Pops, and at least one Carpenters selection. "Instrumental Christmas" got me more neat selections: guitar and harp and piano. The other was "Big Band" and I got Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, etc.

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