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» Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Winter Morning
I snoozed an extra half hour this morning because my alarm didn't go off...went into the bathroom to see a perfect winter scene outside: a sun struggling through early-morning clouds framed by leafless trees. It looked so cold...yet you can see the "bones" of the trees sketched against the sky and it's beautiful as well.

When I turned on the television for Schuyler, Today was doing a year retrospective (hope it's online; would love to see it again). But why now? Isn't that for next week? Now Hoda is mentioning she is supposed to be on a train, but the train can't go anywhere...apparently there are power problems, and they can keep the heat and the lights running, but not the engines...yo! cut the heat and half the lights and rev up the engines already...if I'm on a train leaving town I'd rather be cold and in the dark and moving than be lighted and warm and not going anywhere. Sheesh...

Have to run out and do some errands...must clean that coffee table off's like a magnet, I swear!

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