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» Monday, December 07, 2009
Trim Up the House
We had an eventful Sunday.

Oh, it wasn't just putting up the outside lights, which we finished at 6 p.m., late enough to see how good they looked. LOL. Putting up the lights wasn't the end, you see, since I had to decorate the rest of the porch as well with the stuffed Santas and garlands. Earlier, in the morning, I had been working on decorating the kitchen and the dining room, but finally we just needed to go to the grocery store, so off we went, first to BJs and then to Kroger.

Oh, in the middle of that we bought new cell phones—not only new cell phones, but Droids.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm the one that's always been the cynic about cell phones, and why you would want a smart phone. Funny what being stuck on a cold, dark, spooky train platform in Pennsylvania watching your scheduled train notice vanish in thin air will do for you.

And, okay, it's cool, too, especially the GPS. And the local business finder, and the Christmas music station...

Meanwhile, after five hours sleep, I went tramping off to work this morning. Still juggling two problems, at least one of which I don't understand because I had no part of it. Came home feeling like I hadn't eaten in a week and sleepy as all get out. Nevertheless, I finished putting up the ceppo, the little display of stuffed Christmas creatures on the landing, and the Christmas village, so I can look at it and daydream of stepping back in time. Was putting the village up while watching Ride a Wild Pony on the Hallmark Movie Channel. I don't think I've seen this movie since it was released in the theatre: a poor Australian boy and a rich landowner's daughter (who has been paralyzed by polio) clash over the ownership of a Welsh pony that the wild little boy calls "Taff" and the imperious, but secretly lonely, girl named "Beau." It's a nice character piece, and no cloying miracle like the little girl walking happens at the end.

In the meantime Castle is over, and it's time for bed.

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