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» Friday, December 18, 2009
Perking Up a Rainy Day
So what did I have planned for today? Thinking about walking around Marietta square and getting the car washed.

Well, so much for that. Everything's awash out there. Rain pounding down so hard that I used an umbrella to fetch the trash barrel from the curb. I usually don't pay I used to tell my mom when she complained that I put my jacket over my schoolbooks and then got wet walking home: "I dry. The books wrinkle when they get wet." :-)

So I pull out all the things I need for baking to make sure I need nothing else, then go to Publix for fresh baking powder and flour to replace what I'm going to use. There are lots of cool twofers: start stocking up for the Twelfth Night party with M&Ms and Wheat Thins/Triscuits. We have enough pineapple but I got one can crushed to go with our ham steak on New Year's Day. Found mixed vegetables for James without potatoes! Found three-cheese boxed potatoes! And Electrasol...oh, Finish...whatever they're calling themselves these days.

And I did remember the baking powder and the flour...a miracle. biscuits and the Holiday Pops channel!

Read "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey used to say, in Holiday Harbour.

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