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» Tuesday, December 01, 2009
Fog and Fire [Trucks]
Wow, had a full range of events this morning already and it's not even 8 a.m.

If it had been Christmas Eve this morning (there's a good trick! LOL), Santa Claus would have needed to add Rudolph to the hitch. I almost expected to hear the bawling of Point Judith light in the distance. The fog gave the entire neighborhood a surreal look, especially where they're digging up to [presumably] widen the road. They held the official tree-lighting in downtown Smyrna last night, so the library/civic center/rotary area looked like a Christmas painting by Monet.

The fog parted on Spring Road and it was amazingly clear, until I went back of the mall and approached the river; then it was back in smoky masses. The traffic on I-75 south looked like it was disappearing into a indistinct abyss.

The east side of town was clear, with ribbed high clouds above. This caught the sunrise and made the eastern sky all shades of orange and purple. If "red sky at morning" color indicates future weather, tomorrow's rain will be a whopper.

So I get to work and there's a fire truck parked in the main drive and everyone's outside sitting in their cars. Apparently a fire alarm went off; something about a fuse box abnormality. I didn't dare go back to the car; I was woken from a sound sleep this morning (how sound? James said Willow barked all night—I didn't hear her) and would have been tempted to go right back. Eventually stood out there chatting to a former branch member (hi, Sharon!) until she had to leave and a few minutes later the fire personnel emerged and drove off.

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