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» Saturday, December 05, 2009
D for Disposal—the gifts and cards were all mailed this morning. Not only that, but we were behind only two people in line! I've never seen that few people in the Marietta post office! And we got there just in time, because about a dozen people came in behind us.

D for Discovery—the Farmer's Market is still open! It will be going until the 19th. And they had a tent for them today; a good thing, because it was in the 30s this morning with a brisk wind. Brr and all that. Sadly, we didn't get one snowflake from the precipitation they predicted; heck, not even a raindrop. We bought fresh veggies, some goat cheese, and a baguette, and got free pedometers from the local hospital. A Christmas tree seller was outside the tent with the most wonderful smelling trees. Pity I'm allergic. We walked to and from the tent through Glover Park, where there's a Santa cottage set up for the kids and a big Christmas tree, and luminaria lining the walks.

D for Decorating—because that's what I did all afternoon. James dropped me off at home and went to the hobby shop, and I started to decorate. I wanted to start with the foyer, but I couldn't get that box down. So I decorated the library tree and got the airplane tree and the woodland tree out. By the time James got home, I was almost done with the library tree (he finished one more ornament for me, a horse representing the Piebald in National Velvet and put the table into place), and then I decorated the woodland tree and he did the airplane tree, except for the garland, which gave me fits and I abandoned in favor of having something to eat, having not had any lunch.

D for Dinner—since we were going to the other side of town tonight anyway, James took me out for my birthday dinner a little early. We went to the Colonnade, of course. I had the turkey, of course. It was nice, leisurely, and we had a marvelous waiter.

D for Delight—since tonight was the first of two performances of "An Atlanta Christmas" by the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company at the Academy Theatre in Avondale Estates. This is a tiny little theatre behind the main street, and as usual we missed the street because it looks like a back alley! On the way there we stopped at Book Nook [used book store] and I found an anthology of Christmas science fictions stories Christmas Forever, a sequel to Christmas Stars, which I have in paperback) and a British book about budgies with full-color plates.

James bought me a cocoa and we chatted with Caran until the performance began. The first half of the show contained the more historical stories and the bittersweet "Are You Lonely Tonight?" (one of my two favorites) and the second half of the show highlighted the funnier pieces, including "Legend of the Poinsettia" (in which the fourth Wise Man tries to give the Baby Jesus a poinsettia) and the sequel to "Are You Lonely Tonight?"

Good grief. Neil turns twenty tomorrow. I remember holding him when he wasn't even a day old. Yow. But I did get an idea for his brother; when I buy that, I will be done with gifts. All the rest I've had for a while.

And D for Desist: Resting now; on chat. Great day, especially dinner and the show!

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