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» Thursday, December 17, 2009
Cloudy Thursday
I woke this morning to grey skies and a hard frost spread around the house, whitening the grass and the bushes, and even the railings of the deck and the tops of the bird feeders. Later the sun poked its way out, leaving a nice warm sunbeam spread in front of the television for Willow to sleep on—for all of an hour or maybe two. Then the patchy clouds came back, the sun glowing sickly in the fuzzy interstices between them. It was chilly out by then; a good day for Christmas music and a coffee-scented candle as I tip-tapped at the keys.

As I had started a bit late this morning, I skipped most of lunch and ate at my desk (a leftover bit of pork chop and plain saltines with garlic-flavor goat cheese), just stopping long enough to pop the clothes in the washer and sweep the foyer (again). I'd like to say I got a lot done today, but I spent most of it looking up orders for people to check on receiving. One order that I started I couldn't do because a total was wrong; thank goodness I checked with the vendor first.

James arrived home early for the simple reason that he had never had lunch. We had beef bits with baked sweet potatoes and watched the news; they are talking about a cold, rainy, miserable day tomorrow—oh, but at least it won't snow. No, because pouring rain and 37°F is sooooooo much better. (Actually, they are now mentioning the "s-word" in connection with northeast Georgia...snow...or sleet.)

Saw something we'd DVR'd the other day...Graham Norton's salute to Doctor Who...hysterical...David Tennant speaking with his true Scots accent, trading quips with Norton about farting ( and Conquest (fighting with Biblical weapons), and the two M*A*S*H Christmas episodes, "Dear Dad" and "Dear Sis."

Off to bed...the master bath is finally warm...we gave in and bought a little electric space heater. James figures the big window just leaches out heat in winter; it's usually in the mid-50s in there in winter. With the heater it's more like high 60s or low 70s...much nicer after taking a shower!

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