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» Monday, December 28, 2009
C is for (Post) Christmas Chores
Okay, here's my list from last week, with the finished things crossed off:

First of all, finish wrapping the gifts...LOL.
Get the car washed and vacuumed.
• Finish putting together MIL's gift. (Waiting on this for the rainy days later in the week.)
Fix a permanent place for the space heater in the master bathroom.
Take the rest of the donations to Goodwill before next Thursday.
Walk around downtown Marietta while the Christmas decorations are still up.
• Maybe check out Antique Alley in Roswell.
• Enjoy my Christmas magazines. (Still working on 'em—I bought quite a few! And I didn't even buy any about cooking or crafts!)

To the list add:

• Finish the subway entrance for the village. (Which is also waiting for the rainy day.)

Not bad...I brought the two Xerox-paper boxes full of things to Goodwill this morning, after taking all the things out of the car ("Fred" the pillow and the car blanket, all my reusable bags, the maps and the magazines that I'm supposed to leave at work, etc.), then went to "Mr. Clean" for the car wash. I picked out the "Pro" wash, which is $14, but was $12 today due to a Manager's Special. When I went inside the casher asked me my birthday. Oh! I get a free car wash in my birthday month. So sum cost for car wash, window wash, interior polish and clean...completely free. I like that!

Stopped at Publix for two-for-one omeprazole and Kroger for other things...yow, 73¢ for one cucumber???—then came home.

Had turkey soup for supper. Was watching Disney's Babes in Toyland, but it's hard slogging for me; just never have been very fond of it.

[Later: Ulp! I didn't look in the sink and ended up defrosting a container of turkey soup—but there was already one defrosting in the sink. So it's turkey soup tonight and turkey soup again Thursday night. Ah, well...we have another turkey carcass anyway.

Tonight American Masters did a special on Louisa May Alcott, produced by Harriet Reisen, who just published a biography of Alcott. I enjoyed the book although there were two really obvious errors in it about Alcott's characters, and this special was quite good, painting Alcott as the rebellious person she was, not a willing writer of moral stories. She actually hated writing them and did it only to make enough money to keep her family comfortable, since her father was a useless breadwinner and her mother overworked. Incidentally, for years it has been believed she died from the aftereffects of mercury poisoning due to the calomel treatments she received after contracting typhoid while nursing Union soldiers. A doctor now believes, based on her list of symptoms and a portrait of her, that she may have had lupus.]

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