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» Tuesday, December 22, 2009
C is for Christmas Cruising
Up earlier this morning, since I had things I wanted to get done, chiefly clean as much of the spare bedroom as I could. It's looked like the mailing room in a department store ever since I had to wrap and mail the out-of-town gifts and then left everything up so the other gifts could be wrapped. Well, I had all but two done, but James still had to wrap the little gifts for his co-workers.

Basically I cleared up all I could, left large scraps for James' gifts, and left out the tape, rolls, and pen. The tissue paper went into one bag, the Christmas tissue paper in another, greatly tidying the closet in the process. Also put some other things away. Finally, as the clock was edging away from ten o'clock, it was really time to go. I had two goals today: return my library books, which are due tomorrow, and take the plastic bags to Publix for recycling.

By then it was inching up toward 50°F, downright warm from my POV, so I didn't even take a light jacket, just grabbed up the bags, the books, and some coupons, and headed out to a sunny day with bright blue sky...but that's a tale involving books, dogs, and even a sheep in Holiday Harbour (a story which then finishes here).

[Much, much later...James made pork chops for supper and we watched Jeopardy, then I felt like reading and James was at the computer, so I put Holiday Pops on until the news came on. James wrapped his little airplanes, I wrapped the other two gifts, the rolls are back in the gift wrap container, and at last the spare room is peaceful again...]

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