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» Tuesday, December 29, 2009
C is for Christmas Chill
O what a rush! James woke up with a start this morning; he'd woken early yesterday and turned the alarm off so not to wake me up and had never turned it back on. So it was 7 a.m. and he needed to be to work in a half hour! I scrambled out of bed, put his things near the door, and put his lunch together and warmed up his breakfast Hot Pockets while he got shaved and dressed. He was out in a trice and ended up only being three minutes late. Whew.

Willow got the short shrift of this because I went back to bed, then completely ignored the alarm I set. Between my getting up at nine and doing other things, like putting books away and fetching towels from the dryer, and having to go to the bathroom—sigh...twice—she didn't get to go out until eleven. This was good for me, however, because we had some really wintry temperatures this morning: at 10:51 it was still only 31°F. This may sound positively balmy if you're from Manitoba, but it's downright chilly for Georgia in December.

I even wore my jacket outside while refilling the bird feeder and was still chilled to the bone. I have the camera near the window but never seem to catch the photo I want: one of the chickadees is constantly at the suet, hanging upside down by one leg as he pecks at the seed! It's so cute!

Finally I realized that I'd never get anything done if I didn't just go, so I did, taking a nice ride down US41 and then West Paces Ferry into Buckhead. I stopped at the Barnes & Noble, but there was nothing much on clearance. I did find a Catholic magazine that looked interesting, so picked it up. I also went down to Richard's Variety Store to pick up something, then headed to the Buckhead Borders store, wanting to take a nice long whip to the recalcitrant traffic.

After rooting through their bargain bins found The Daily Coyote, a book about parrots, a mystery set at the time of Henry II, and a future gift. Oh, and the new Yankee! Yay!

Came home by the used book store on Clairmont Road and picked up a Readers Digest retrospective of the 20th century, a big fat coffee-table book on sale for six dollars and tax.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and half the evening dubbing off the first five Castle episodes of the season from the DVR, as well as the Hugh Laurie interview from Jay Leno's show. That should help clear it off some, but we need to watch more of the movies on it. I have Enchanted, Water Horse, and several other items we have never seen.

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