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» Thursday, December 31, 2009
Another Year Shot Straight to Hell...
We end up saying this every year. Last night we were just shutting off the light.

How come the dang years go by so quickly and the weekdays go by so slowly? LOL.

Am sitting here trying to type in gloves. My hands are a mess in the winter, all scaly and dry, because I'm always washing them. Pet or walk the dog, have to wash my hands. Refill the bird feeder, have to wash my hands. Of course, after using the toilet, or preparing food. Need to deal with Schuyler's food or water, wash my hands. Before each meal, wash my hands. Work on crafts, wash my hands. It's a lot of water to dry them out. So I have them slathered in moisturizing cream and covered with my old confirmation gloves, which are thin so I can type. James is late coming home: he had Borders Bucks that expire tonight, so he stopped for a book, and then for gasoline.

He's going to think I'm nuts when he comes in: I have the Sun Bowl on. I'm not watching it, it's just on. I don't like football, but I like the sound of it on Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve/Day...reminds me of my dad and my uncles and male cousins.

Meanwhile, I've had a busy day. Started out finishing a project; was resigned to using Elmer's glue until I dug around the mess in my craft room and found my Modge Podge. Much better. But lordy, that stuff smells when it's fresh. (Modge Podge is for decoupage. You use it to glue items to a surface and then as a glaze to seal it.) That came out nice. Worked on some other aspects of the project, too.

About 10:30 ran out to Food Depot. Found a ham for dinner tomorrow, plus real bacon bits for him to use in his Cheese Bake for tonight. Then went to a local store for which I had a coupon which expired today. With a little judicious purchasing, I came out with five gifts I can put away for birthdays/next Christmas and a couple of half-price Christmas decorations. Since it was in my direction, I also stopped at another Food Depot and found some beef. We were completely out as of Tuesday night.

When I got home, I immediately cut up the ham steak I bought and put it in a container, layered with crushed pineapple and juice. Then I worked on two more craft projects. One was very delayed: decorating a new Christmas sweatshirt! I had a burgundy sweatshirt I got last year (back when A.C. Moore still carried sweatshirts) and some iron-on rhinestone holly leaves/berries I got at Moore's while on vacation this year. I should have ironed them on weeks ago. Anyway, it's done now so I can wear it tonight, and through January 6. It's only the seventh day of Christmas, after all.

The second project was the subway entrance I bought for the 1940s Christmas village on our mantel...but that story is told in Holiday Harbour. That was fun! Listened to nice classical music while I was doing so.

Finally I made the bed, played a bit on Farmville, and...well, we're back to where we started. Man, I need a nap!

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