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» Thursday, December 10, 2009
All Tired Out
Busy day. Did two orders, trying to determine whether I can do another or not, doing research on another, answered yet more questions about invoices that I don't even pay, did payment authorizations and discovered that one I put in last week doesn't seem to be there this week. All this and shuttling the truck to the car place and getting driven home and then getting driven back and coming home (I came home by Lowes because the temperature is dropping like the proverbial rock and those poor birds are going to need suet tomorrow). Oh, the tire had a nail and they were able to fix it; no new tire!

During lunch I found out Netflix had, via online view, that odd Christmas movie I saw two years ago, North Station. So now I've seen it all; still very strange, with a very Gallic Santa Claus (it's a French-Canadian film, dubbed into English) who spends half of the film depressed, but it has a weird, wacky charm all its own. I even finally found out why Bianca was so hacked off at Cathy the elf.

Watched a documentary I had been looking out for—they even featured it on Today this morning—on BBC America tonight: Pedigreed Dogs Revealed. I knew dog breeds were being cocked up by the American Kennel Club, but I didn't realize the British Kennel Club was doing the same thing. They even had some asinine judge saying that those horrible, ugly sloping hindquarters they breed now on German Shepherd dogs are "breed standards." Oh, get real, you git! Look at British and American Kennel Club photos from 80-100 years ago. Sheps had straight backs. And Basset Hounds and Dachshunds had longer legs, Bulldogs have longer noses, Yorkshire Terriers were terriers and not toy dogs, Pekingeses didn't look like ambulatory dust mops, etc. How is changing the dog "preserving the breed"? And the hindquarters on modern German Shepherd show dogs are hideous. The dog doesn't trot, it shambles. It's disgusting to have ruined such a beautiful breed.

The worst part was watching these poor Cavalier King Charles spaniels with a condition where their brains are too big for their skulls. Some of the dogs suffer hideous pain. All because some "dog lover" wants to make the animal look more "puppyish." Why don't they breed their own children for smaller skulls and larger brains? God, they'd look cute, wouldn't they, while they were writhing in pain!

Now watching Being Neil Armstrong, with Andrew Smith, the gentleman who wrote Moondust.

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