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» Friday, December 11, 2009
54-[Not]40, No Fighting :-)
So, when it's your birthday and you have the day off and you can do anything you like, what's the first thing to do?

Well, sleep late, of course. That's what us old folks do. (Well, unless there had been snow outside. If there was snow outside I could have turned 75 and it wouldn't have kept me in. <g>)

WalMart isn't exactly the place to go on your birthday, but I needed yogurt and other stuff, so I made a fun trip of it: stopped at Borders on the way to pick up the paperback copy of Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop. Of course got more than I went there for, including a new extension cord for the Christmas lights (finally).

I had my favorite Lean Cuisine for lunch and watched The House Without a Christmas Tree. I could just walk into this house and be at home, warm and safe: I remember relatives with older houses and a cooking range like Grandma's with the warming shelf and the stovepipe disappearing in the wall, beadboard cabinets, the elaborate wallpaper, the squat refrigerator with the door latch you had to remove after you disposed of it, Morris chairs...and that classroom with all the woodwork! Just like Hugh B. Bain!

Had to rearrange the decorations on the room divider somewhat as I found the proper ones in the box with the Rudolph tree, and put up the Rudolph tree and the little Christmas decorations in the spare room, and coupled the little Italian resin tree from Gatlinburg last year and the little Scottish resin tree from Gatlinburg this year as a decoration for our bedroom. I stretched to put one decoration up on a shelf and it fell and boinked me on the temple...ouch. Luckily it wasn't that heavy.

Been feeling restless and a little depressed for the rest of the afternoon. James was home late after stopping on the way home to get me some birthday surprises: a tiny glass owl, a USB decoration of fiber-optic stars, and a chickadee tea towel (very pretty embroidered design!), and a USB enclosure for my old disk drive.

Something funny happened this afternoon. I went downstairs to put the Rudolph tree box back in the closet and something was vibrating in James' hobby room. I couldn't figure out what it was. It sounded closest near his Ott light. I pulled the plug and it still kept humming! Well, when he got home he looked around on the desk and it turned out it was an embossing tool that was next to the light! We have no idea how it got turned on.

Oh, phooey. I hate feeling like this. I'm gonna put John Denver and the Muppets on...

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