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» Wednesday, November 25, 2009
That's Better
At 12:03 I left the house. I returned at 2:12. No sign of TruGreen guy having shown up. Nor did he show up. "Of course you know this means war." Heh.

I had to drive to a certain store to get a certain item at a certain discounted price. Actually, two items. I'm not mentioning the store name since the person it is for might guess what I bought. I also found a gift for Aubrey. A bunch down, two to go.

My next stop was BJs. The smiling bakery person indeed did have a nice no-sugar-added apple pie waiting for me. I also found a new jacket, one with a hood! I would have preferred the blue one, but that had a honkin' big Nike logo on the front. The black one just has the "swish." I can pin my ladybug pin over it. And it's really thick and warm.

So I got home, hid the gifts away. Now I addressed my Amazon order. $25 credit just waiting. I had the Hollyridge Strings Christmas album in my queue and a Dr. Who book. Then I'm not sure what happened—must have clicked on one of those related book links...and dang if I didn't find the perfect gift for Neil. One more to go...yay!

I also got my two Amazon Vine books today. The Red Door is the next Inspector Rutledge mystery. I hadn't read the series before, so bought and finished the first book, A Test of Wills, just yesterday. Rutledge is a Scotland Yard detective who suffered from shell shock during World War I. He keeps the condition—including the fact that he hears the goading voice of a deceased compatriot in his head—a secret, not wanting to be accused of "low moral fiber" or cowardice. The books are nicely evocative of the era and I find the mysteries fairly complex. The other book is Al Roker's Morning Show Murders, written with Dick Lochte.

A fun Ellen today and now between Jeopardy telecasts and the new Mythbusters, am watching previously-recorded Thanksgiving specials. I also watched The Thanksgiving Treasure this afternoon, but that's the subject of a Holiday Harbour post...

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