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» Monday, November 30, 2009
Rainy Day Monday
A grey and gloomy day, interrupted at lunch time till about 4 p.m. with a steady rain, in the high 50s. Gloomy inside, too, and when I was finished with an order around four I took down the autumn decor and replaced it with Christmas finery: a poinsettia garland, a poinsettia bouquet in a vase covered with foil, a Christmas bouquet of holly and mistletoe and other picks, two little resin figures (a Nativity scene and some Victorian carolers) and a holly votive candle holder, two different Christmas stockings, and Christmas art from past calendars.

The rain cleared up at rush hour, with the clouds racing across the sky like thoroughbreds on the track, big piles of gray hurrying southward as leaves scattered behind them. We still have occasional patches of fall color to accompany the burgeoning Christmas decorations. The city of Smyrna's decorations were lit up when I went by and the street was blocked off, so they must have had the official tree lighting tonight.

Leftover turkey for supper, a Wilson story on House, and a new Animal Cops...nice!

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