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» Sunday, November 08, 2009
Much better. Would have been perfect had someone not set the room alarm clock to go off at 5 a.m. It woke James out of a deep sleep and was so strident it gave him a headache.

Then my alarm clock went off at seven. Gah.

We finally got up at eight. We were driving so much that this is to be our easy day. We are going to Valley Forge, which is "right down the road apiece." Might go to the infamous King of Prussia Mall. There's a rainy day predicted later in the week, which would be a good day for the National Christmas Center and Roadside America, both indoor attractions.

Still not sure what to do about Philadelphia. We can drive in...gah. It would be rotten to have gotten this far without fulfilling my goal and seeing Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, etc. Our friend Emma is free on Thursday, so that will probably be our day there.

The breakfast bar here is quite nice. James had sausage patties and eggs almost exclusively, with a waffle. I had a bowl of cereal, a bowl of oatmeal, several handfuls of fresh pecans, cantaloupe and oranges from the fruit bowl, and two slices of toast. They even had cocoa; we took a packet for later, as James likes to have cocoa at night. Pity it's not sugarless. They did have sugarless syrup.

I love this hotel. The only problem we've found so far is that the bathroom door wasn't hung correctly and keeps inching shut. We have it stopped with a fold of towel. The room is quiet (except when it sounded like some kids next door were bouncing a basketball in the room), the bed is comfortable, there are feather pillows (!!!) for me (I tried the foam pillows; they are too hard), the sofa is comfy, the dataport and wireless (yes, both) easy to use, there's soap (not icky shower gel like at Unicoi), a good hair dryer, and the shower is wonderful. Oh, and the windows open, a major perk as far as I'm concerned.

(Dang it...I don't care if she won't sit on my finger—I miss Schuyler terribly. And Willow lying at my feet and looking up hopefully every time I walk in the general direction of the refrigerator.)

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