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» Friday, November 20, 2009
A little better today. Digestion seems to have settled. Sound sleep so far as I know. Coffee-scented Yankee candle and Christmas music providing pleasant work environment. Birds back at the feeder. Goodness, do they look lovely. You would think with winter coming on they might look pathetic, but they are in full, bright feather, unlike during the summer when they were feeding chicks and looking dull and harassed. The white-breasted nuthatch is so dapper he looks like he's going out for dinner at a 1940s supper club. The tufted titmouse's crest is smooth and shiny.

James said he expected when we got home from vacation that Willow would be attached to his leg for a day or two, and she was very clingy Sunday evening and Monday. But it's Schuyler who now ceaselessly wants attention. She's either scolding or giving her two-note "hey, you!" whistle or giving the one plaintive single-note chirp.

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